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Solutions: We are building solutions for your specific environment, school, small and medium business and of course houses. The main goal of these solutions are the limitation of the low and high frequency pollution to minimize the impact on users (children, students or workers). They are of course adapted to the infrastructure of the building. Here is an example of a Workstation.


The perfect solution for your children:
The whole system is deported to the basement.

- No high frequency pollution (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G)
- No computer in the room, no electrical or magnetic pollution generated by the power supply of the PC.
- No noise which means no noise pollution.
- A single shielded electrical cable to power the TCO screen.
- Keyboard, mouse and USB speakers.
- A single network cable to power (POE) the receiver KVM box that is located under the desk. It carries the video signal (HDMI), keyboard, mouse and infra-red on the IP network.
- QNAP's Hybrid Desk allows you to launch applications like Netflix or YouTube directly but also to launch a virtual Windows 10.

Globally the solution of KVM over IP can be very flexible. Here is the system that I'm currently testing.

- All systems at the top, the sources are in a rack in the basement.
- All systems below, recievers are located in bedrooms, office or living room.
- No high frequency pollution.
- No electrical or magnetic pollution generated by the sources.
- No noise which means no noise pollution.
- All KVM over IP systems are powered by the POE switch.
- Electrical cables are shielded (C13) as well as network cables (S / FTP)
- Screens, keyboards and mouses are the only systems close to the user's body.
- Ground mouse mats are the perfect complement to this solution.

Additional benefit
- Any source can be displayed on any screen, as well as a source can be displayed on all screens at the same time.

(Multicast over IP)


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