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Bio-home : Building biology 

In a few words

After having studied construction engineering, I quickly reoriented my career to IT and IT security consultancy.

I am an expert in new technologies and IT security and have a deep knowledge of electromagnetic waves.


My electro-sensitivity has convinced me of the huge impact these electromagnetic fields have on our health on a long-term basis and has obliged me to find alternative solutions.      


As there are a lot of proofs but not yet a scientific consensus about short and long-term damages, wouldn’t it simply be wiser to be cautious? Especially concerning the health and wellbeing of our children?   


All new technology has its advantages and disadvantages depending on how it is used. 

My work

As a specialised technician, I offer a complete study of your living space or office.  


The aim is to locate any source of electromagnetic pollution which could have an impact on your health.


You will receive a detailed report with the appropriate solutions.


For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 02 669 17 35 or send an e-mail to:

Our speciality, technology in line with life ...
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