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Li-Fi - Light fidelity or Visible light communication.

Broadband transmission using visibe light, a double solution for electromagnetic pollution and Wi-fi congestion.
PureVLC - Pr. Harrald Haas (VO - FR Sub)
CNN - Li-fi presentation (VO)
CNET - Oledcomm (FR)
Déploiement du Li-Fi dans un hôpital de Perpignan - France.

Imagine putting your PC, mobile or tablet close to a lamp or even using the ceiling lights, in a short future they will be connected to the internet as the WI-FI was able to do for years. No radio waves, no electromagnetic radiation dangerous for health, simple LED bulbs connected to your home LI-FI network will be able to serve as data providers, absolutely identical to those that illuminate your home.

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