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We help you measure and evaluate electromagnetic pollution in your daily life, advise you on how to protect yourself from the daily exposure of waves surrounding your office desk and inform you about the possible (implications). We also explain you how to use your wifi connection or your wireless home phone in the best way secure.



We present you different solutions to most of the electromagnetic pollution, low or high frequencies. Sometimes simple precautions such as remoteness of radiation sources can reduce our exposure to EMF. You want a better understanding about the risks and you want to preserve yourself from such a pollution, multiple options are available


Low-frequencies analisys

Electromagnetic field appears when charges power in motion. This field results from the combination of 2 waves (the electric, the other magnetic) propagating at the speed of light.


All energized wire produces an electric field in its vicinity. His intensity is measured in volts per meter (V / m).


Unlike electric fields, magnetic fields appear that during the passage of an electric current in a conductor. Their strength is measured in amperes per meter (A / m) or microtesla (microT).


This analysis includes the electric and magnetic fields associated with 50Hz household electricity.

For your information you'll find a list of scientific publications linked to EMF issues - -Powerwatch article librairy 

and  Powerwatch Scientific papers



High-frequencies analisys


Beside natural sources composing the electromagnetic spectrum, other fields exist that result from human activity: these fields are for example X-rays that are especially used to highlight the sport fractures accidents.


Mobile phones, radio transmitters, television and radar produce electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range. These fields are used to transmit information over long distances and are the basis for telecommunications in general and in particular radio and television broadcasts across the globe. The microwaves are generated by microwave or electromagnetic radiofrequency fields which lie in the gigahertz band. In microwave ovens, they are used to quickly heat food.


This analysis shows the radio-frequency (VHF) and microwave (UHF) as including GSM WiFi radio antennas, antenna, Tetra, DECT, etc ..

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Specific analysis.


Further analysis will be undertaken as a measure of the body induction, measurement of voltages present on the circuit as it is more commonly called the "dirty" electricity.


The positive and negative ionization of the air (or not sufficient concentration of negative ions on health.


Measurement and visualization of three-dimensional computer of the geomagnetic field of your bed (scientific confirmation of geopathic zones or geomagnetic anomalies).


Geobiological detections disruptive natural radiation (geopathic stress).

Antenne UBB27_G3

Antenne à bande ultra large de fréquence de très grande linéarité. Très utile pour définir le niveau d'exposition des hautes fréquences. Elles peut-être utilisées aussi avec des analyseurs de spectre d'autres marques. De 27 MHz à 3.3 GHZ: Pour les mesures des CB, radio amateurs, stations émettrices d'ondes TV et radio (digital et analogiques), TETRA, GSM, DCS, UMTS/G3, radar, DECT, WLAN et plus encore.